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Personal Details.

Dr. Laurens Langerveld was appointed as the Dean in The Section of Endocrinology at the Yale School of Medicine effective September 2, 2010.

He graduated in Biology with honors at the USC in 1988 and took up Medicine in the University of Northwest California where he graduated in 1992.

He became interested with Endocrinology shortly after he lost a dear friend who suffered a long time battling against diabetes. He then made several researches on the disease, which prompted him to study more about the endocrine system.

He started his career as a junior professor and at the same time a research assistant in the UCP College of Medicine in the year 1996. He became a Senior Professor two years later and was temporarily placed as the head of the research department. He subsequently became appointed as the head when it was apparent that the previous head is no longer fit to resume the position due to a certain health condition.

He took a leave from the University in order to pursue his studies on endocrinology. He returned in the year 2008, again as a Senior Professor until his promotion as the Dean of the College of Medicine.

His appointment as the dean made it easier for him to research and publish more materials that are in accordance with his aim of educating people against diabetes and its detrimental effects to man.

He focuses on guiding the students in their interest on endocrinology with the hope of developing a new generation of professionals who will continue with his work and help develop solid evidences of prevention and cure against all endocrine related diseases.

Professional Activities and Research

The center of Dr. Langerveld’s research is the pathophysiology of diabetes and how severely it affects mankind. He is very particular in determining the causative factors including the risk factors, which increases the chance of developing the disease. His research also focuses on further studies for the known treatments, both scientific and traditional, and understands the nature of these treatments. He is also interested in including in his research the psychological effects of the disease to both the patient and the family and how it affects the development and treatment of Diabetes.

Selected Publications

As an expert in Diabetes studies and endocrine system as a whole, Dr. Laurens Langerveld has published more than 100 publications on the topic, which includes articles, and chapters on significant endocrinology journals and research materials.

His extensive research on the endocrine diseases made him very known in his field with his colleagues inviting him to speak on numerous seminars and workshops. Some of his best works include:

  1. Symptoms and Signs of Diabetes: Myths and the Truth Revealed (2001)
  2. Endocrine System: Why it is so complicated to Understand (1999)
  3. Diabetes and the Endocrine System (1998)

Teaching, resources

Dr. Laurens Langerveld is currently assisting three PhD aspirants on their research on the recent developments in the study of the endocrine system. He is also developing a module for the coming school year wherein it aims to prepare future PhD students in their research studies and aid in the most common difficulties they encounter during their research.

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Academic writing activities include:

  1. College paper help - custom papers research, writing and editing. Areas of expertize are medicine, biology, philosophy.
  2. Coursework help - already written papers are: "Gendered school curriculum study," "School or Family?: Formation of a gender role in young children," "How do people define wealth?" and many others.
  3. Dissertation help - as a requirement for the Doctor of Philosophy degree you have to choose the topic of your dissertation paper and provide a solid research of a chosen subject.
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Student Research

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