Grants and Research

I now focus my research on getting a deeper understanding of diabetes in children. I am very keen on studying the serum insulin levels in children with regards to their fasting salivary insulin levels.

As an endocrinologist, I am particularly concerned about the rising number of diabetes in the young thus my interest in this field. My team collaborates with many medical personnel who are in line with our research and we included in our goals the different treatment options that could be derived from the study.

I am hoping that with this study, the number of cases will go down and that many of the children will be aware of diabetes in their early years and that they can also contribute in avoiding having the disease at an early age. This will also be a source of information for all concerned individuals, especially the parents who have the disease and fear of passing diabetes to their children.

Research Interests

The different factors that contribute to the development of the disease in the young. Aside from the diet and physical activities, there are many factors that lead to developing the disease in the early years. My research would like to identify these factors and prove each one if it really is a causative factor.

My team and me is very hopeful on the success of this research. This is not only my gain as a researcher to be able to gain extensive knowledge regarding these phenomena. Instead, this will become a big help to every mother out there that are as concerned as me with the health of their children. It will be a lot easier to have an evidence-based assurance that diabetes will not harm our children in their younger years. Hopefully, the research will become a guide to everyone to help spread the knowledge and valuable information that will result after the research is completed.

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